FDA Broadens use of Xandi for Hormone Refractory PrCa

Xtandi Approved by FDA for Prostate Cancer Patients Before Chemo

FDA Approves Today

The drug Xtandi (enzalutamide) was FDA approved in 2012 for use in metastatic Castrate Resistant (or Hormone Refractory) prostate cancer patients AFTER they had been treated with chemotherapy.  But today, the FDA approved its use in these same patients BEFORE they have had chemo, creating one more important option for these men. Read Press Release Here.

Xtandi is a second line hormonal therapy, which can suppress testosterone at 3 different sources, giving many men an additional cancer response after failing initial hormone therapy.

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For discussion with your physician(s), make sure you have a basic understanding of your personal cancer status.  A researched question is a better question:

1) Are you "Castrate Resistant" (or Hormone Refractory)? 2) Do you have "Metastatsis"? 

For more assistance, contact the PCRI Helpline at Help@PCRI.org

Xtandi (enzalutamide) is a prescription pill.  It is usually prescribed as 4 pills taken together, once a day.  Discuss with your pharmacist, and your physician(s).

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