ISCA hopes clients understand that significantly more time will be expended on their case than would be provided by a conventional oncologist. ISCA believes the additional time spent designing and monitoring customized treatment protocols will provide better long-term outcomes for our client's. Reality, however, dictates that someone must pay for the many professional hours spent seeking to provide each client with optimal comprehensive treatment. If one has good medical insurance, the costs of the standard cancer treatments administered by the treating oncologist may be covered. Unfortunately, some of the critical diagnostic tests and services are not yet covered by insurance. In some cases, the creative use of approved drugs that are not insurance-reimbursable may be recommended. In these cases, the drugs may have to be paid for directly by the client. The client may also be responsible for other creative treatments recommended by the treating oncologist working with ISCA. The client will be advised about all costs before treatments are administered so they can decide whether to pay for a particular treatment.

ISCA’s initial consultation is free. However, initiating a relationship with ISCA requires an up-front retainer. The retainer is put into an escrow account and then billed out each month based on the hours spent working on the individual client's case and to pay for those tests or services that are not covered by medical insurance. More difficult cases will require an additional retainer deposit. Should you decide to discontinue our services a refund of unused escrow fees will be made.